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FUTC Cinematic Street Essentials | Lightroom Presets

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Adobe Lightroom presets that give your street photography images a cinematic look and work in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and the Lightroom mobile app.

After years of falling in love with street photography, I realized it will likely be the one genre of photography that I will never find boring. While my film-look presets served their purpose for street photography as well, I wanted something more refined, a purpose built set of presets just for street photography.

I wanted to create a set of looks that works for all kinds of street photography: From vibrant and punchy colors on rainy days in the city, to warm summer hues in coastal towns, and the pastels of the desert, each preset in this pack was meticulously crafted. And while street photography remains the heart of this pack, I've also used these presets a ton for landscape and automotive photography. Even though it was not the focus of this pack, I think these looks could also work well for portraits.

No matter the conditions, the location or the type of photography, this preset pack will deliver soft highlights, and punchy colors, with a cinematic feel you won't get anywhere else.

This pack of presets for Adobe Lightroom contains 30 presets total (15 looks in 2 variants each):

  1. Bright and Contrasty
  2. Bright Dynamic Range
  3. Cinematic BW
  4. Downtown Dreams
  5. Moody Blues
  6. Moody Purple
  7. Muted Cinema
  8. Muted Gold
  9. Muted Mondays
  10. Neutral
  11. Punchy BW
  12. Southwest Tones
  13. Turquoise Illusion
  14. Urban Aura
  15. Warm Hues

Every one of the presets comes in a variant marked with "(for Fujifilm)". This uses the Classic Chrome profile in Lightroom (or Monochrome+Ye in the case of BW). This profile is only available for raw images (.RAF files) that were taken with Fujifilm cameras that support the Classic Chrome, or Monochrome+Ye film simulation profiles.

While there are versions of the presets for Fujifilm digital cameras, this is just a small extra for the Fuji users out there that want some extra Fuji color science. These presets were developed first and foremost to work with any camera from any brand.

As always with presets: These aren't going to be a perfect fit for every single image. It's impossible to make a preset that fits all different situations, lighting conditions or cameras perfectly. They work best when applied to raw images and you need to make sure your exposure and white balance are correct!

Included with your purchase are two video tutorials, one to guide you through installation and one filled with tips to get you the best results. And of course I will continue to use these presets in the future in my YouTube videos.

On purchase, you will receive 30 digital Adobe Lightroom preset files compressed as a .zip file. The film packaging which is used here as a cover image is simply marketing material.

NOTE: As far as I know, installing LR preset files in Lightroom mobile directly is not possible on iOS devices, only on Android. Therefore, to install them in Lightroom mobile on iOS you have two options:

  1. Use a computer with Lightroom CC to install the presets with, and they will then appear in Lightroom mobile after automatically syncing over your Adobe account (this sometimes takes a while).
  2. There are DNG files included with your purchase that you can import into Lightroom mobile, you can then save the settings from each DNG image as a preset. Unfortunately, this has to be done manually, but it's the only possibility for iOS users that don't have access to a computer.

Lightroom Version: These presets were developed for modern Adobe Creative-Cloud Lightroom versions (v10+), older versions are not supported.

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Last updated Mar 30, 2024

Lightroom presets to give your street photography a dreamy cinematic look

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FUTC Cinematic Street Essentials | Lightroom Presets

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