FUTC Analog Vibes | Lightroom Presets

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FUTC Analog Vibes | Lightroom Presets

19 ratings

Adobe Lightroom presets that give your images a dreamy film look and work in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and the Lightroom mobile app.

Back in 2021, I fell in love with film photography, especially with the beautiful analog look I could achieve. But that "could" is what made this product a reality. After months of dealing with inconsistent results, my DIY scanning setup, and increasing film prices, I was fed up. Finally, after being let down when the images from an important trip came back from the lab, I thought: "there has to be some way to get this look digitally". And that is why I spent the past half year building, tweaking, and perfecting the FUTC Analog Vibes presets. These presets aren't meant to replicate specific film stocks by Fujifilm, Kodak, or alike. Rather, they are aimed at bringing general film characteristics and tones to your digital images. With soft highlights, vintage tones, and a nostalgic feel I am actually surprised by myself.

This pack of presets for Adobe Lightroom contains 2 presets in 3 variants each:


The F400F preset is inspired by typical colors and tonality you would find when using a Fujifilm film stock. Strong green tones, muted warmth, and light skin tones.

- Analog Vibes F400F

- Analog Vibes F400F (for Fujifilm)*

- Analog Vibes F400F no grain


The F400K preset is inspired by typical colors and tonality you would find when using a Kodak film stock. Overall warmth, light green tones, and dreamy blue skies.

- Analog Vibes F400K

- Analog Vibes F400K (for Fujifilm)*

- Analog Vibes F400K no grain

*The presets marked with "(for Fujifilm)" use the Classic Chrome profile in Lightroom. This profile is only available for raw images (.RAF files) that were taken with Fujifilm cameras that support the Classic Chrome Lightroom.

While there are versions of both presets for Fujifilm digital cameras, this is just a small extra for the Fuji users out there. These presets were developed first and foremost to work with any camera from any brand, and even on pictures taken with your phone.

The FUTC Analog Vibes presets are very versatile, you can get everything from the soft pastel film look to the grungy disposable-camera-feel using these presets. Included with your purchase is a document filled with tips to get you the best results, and I will continue to use these in the future in my YouTube videos.

On purchase, you will receive 6 digital Adobe Lightroom preset files compressed as a .zip file. The film packaging which is used here as a cover image is simply marketing material.

NOTE: As far as I know, installing LR preset files in Lightroom mobile directly is not possible on iOS devices, only on Android. Therefore, you can only use them in Lightroom mobile on iOS if you have a computer with Lightroom to install the presets with, and they will then appear in Lightroom mobile after automatically syncing over your Adobe account.


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Film-like Lightroom presets to give your images that dreamy analog look

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